Worship: Sundays 10:00am 
Children's Sunday School 
Fellowship Potluck Dinner - 
1st Sunday of month 11:00am

Bible Study: Tuesdays 10:00am

​Quiet Table Contemplative Service: Thursdays 5:00pm

​Hope UCC Is:

  • An open an Open and Affirming (ONA) Congregation! 
    Hope United Church of Christ invites and welcomes into our faith community persons of every ability, age, race, nationality, economic and social status, faith background, marital standing, family structure, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression. We commit ourselves to the ongoing work of being an ONA (Open and Affirming) congregation – one that lives out the belief that God is still speaking. With God’s grace, we journey together in Christian faith.​

Hope UCC Is:

  • A congregation of people who believe that Jesus Christ is our
    Savior and that each member brings a unique,personal and
    individual understanding of what faith means.

  • As each individual matures in faith, it is our responsibility as
    the Body of Christ, the Church, to be in harmony with Christ’s
    teaching of love for our neighbors.

Hope Church is :

  • ​A place where people can celebrate their unity in their diversity
    whether by age, job or career interests, etc. each person is valued,
    wanted, and needed by the entire congregation. 
    We embrace each
    |ther’s strengths as well as our weaknesses.

Hope church has :

  • A hundred-year history of blending tradition with vision and successful innovative programming.  We are an inclusive
    family of God where members can retreat and regroup in the
    face of hurt, distress or injustice.

Hope church is : 

  • A church that all people can come to face the discovery of love,
    ​birth, loss and even death.

Worship at Hope is :

  • Central to our congregational life together, but fellowship within
    church sponsored activities such as: Bible study, lay visitation,
    Lenten Bible study programs, men’s women’s and couples fellowship
    groups, Jr. & Sr. High fellowship, breakfast club, preparing and
    serving at our weekly meal site all contribute to the wholeness of being
    followers of the living Christ.

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